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  • Bill Hogan (Tuesday, August 11 15 01:29 pm EDT)

    Our family had a great time this past weekend. A beautiful day and just a great historical tour of the area around the history museum and Delaware Park. We highly recommend it...Segway training was awesome!!

  • JoAnne Viapiano (Friday, July 10 15 06:07 am EDT)

    Took the tour in celebration of my husband's birthday. This was the second time we were on a Segway Tour (previously in New Hampshire). WE HAD A BALL!!! Norm and Brandon gave extensive safety training prior to our tour and we climbed on with no inhibitions ( and no mishaps along the way).
    We upgraded to a private tour and learned things about Buffalo that we did not know, even being life-long residents.
    Have already recommended the tour to our friends!!!

  • Doug Thompson (Monday, June 29 15 09:46 pm EDT)

    The Segway tour was terrific. I was very impressed with the training- very thorough with a strong emphasis on safety. The tour itself was extensive and eye-opening. What a beautiful city Buffalo is! I highly recommend this tour to locals and visitors alike.

  • Barbara (Saturday, June 27 15 06:20 am EDT)

    Hi Norm, Brandon & Mom!
    Last week was the most fun I had in a long while. Never would have imagined myself on a Segway. My brother Victor tricked me and you all were in on the surprise and I loved it once I was so properly and patiently trained. You guys turned my fear into a wonderful experience. This 61 year old is ready to roll again! Thank you Victor, Inez, Norm & Brandon.

  • Kari G (Tuesday, June 09 15 06:38 am EDT)

    Phenomenal tour!! One of the best tours I've ever been on. The segways are so fun to ride and norm and Brandon are fantastic tour guides! I grew up here and learned history of the area I never knew. A must try tour!

  • Bill Nutty (Tuesday, October 28 14 09:13 pm EDT)

    We had a great time. Training was good and anybody can do this. The tour is interesting and takes you to places you don't normally see driving around the city. Segways are a lot of fun.

  • Susan (Monday, August 18 14 09:26 pm EDT)

    Thoroughly enjoyed our Segway tour of Buffalo. Our tour guides were Norm and Brandon and they were outstanding! They gave us a 30-minute safety class before the tour started and took the time to make sure each of us was comfortable before starting off on our tour of the Delaware Park area (site of the 1901 Pan American Exhibition). Riding a Segway makes it easy and effortless to cover much more territory than we could possibly do on foot. As we sped by walking tourists, they watched us with great envy! Several people asked if they could join the tour midway. This tour was incredible. I don't think it could have been better in any way. Riding on the Segway was quick, easy, breezy, and fun. Don’t miss this tour when you visit Buffalo!

  • Nancy Cooper (Tuesday, August 12 14 07:49 pm EDT)

    An awesome way to see Buffalo's historical area. I grew up in Hamburg and thought the tour was fantastic. Not to be missed!!

  • Ricky (Wednesday, July 16 14 02:00 pm EDT)

    What a great tour and that too on a Segway!!!! My sister was here from India and I wanted to take her on a tour she would never forget. This was awesome. So you go on a segway throughout Buffalo, places like Delaware Park, near the water..etc. All the staff are so polite. They will first have a class where they teach you how to function the segway and then only when you are completely confident do they take you out on the tour. They will give you water, gatorade if you get thirsty and let you take pics as well. If you are in Buffalo, and defy want a tour and not the old fashioned bus tours, take this SEGWAY tour for sure.

  • Gay and Rich Hardoby (Saturday, July 05 14 12:31 pm EDT)

    Norm and Brandon took us on a great tour of North Buffalo. The Segway instruction was comprehensive and thorough. They took their time with us until we were comfortable on our own. They're really fun and easy to ride and we had a terrific time. We'll definitely go again and bring friends. Thanks guys, and Cheryl too for taking care of all the gear.

  • Josephine Burke (Friday, May 16 14 10:42 am EDT)

    My son came in from Michigan to spend Mother's Day with me and it was also his birthday so I wanted to do something special for him. I surprised him with a 2 hour Segway tour and it was the best 2 hours we spent over the weekend. What fun and what great tour guides Norm and his son Brandon are. We saw things in Buffalo that we had never seen just riding by them on the highway; the Segway is very easy to ride and control; it's a MUST if you're looking for something special to do this summer; you won't be sorry you took the tour.

  • Wayne Burke (Wednesday, May 14 14 02:15 pm EDT)

    Norm & Brandon provided an extensive training session (easily 20 minutes) so that my 75 year old mother and I were completely confortable by the time we started the tour. Even as a native of Buffalo, I learned something about the history of the area. Would definitely recommend this outing.

  • Erica Chappell (Wednesday, October 30 13 09:47 am EDT)

    We had an AMAZING time on the Segways with Norm and Brandon. It was so cool to ride them, it felt like flying. Buffalo is really so beautiful and full of history. The free museum ticket was a great bonus. The tour along with riding the Segway is double the fun and excitement! We will definitely be doing this again. Thank you!

  • Bob Kuhns (Thursday, October 24 13 11:03 pm EDT)

    Great experience! Competent instruction and great guides. I would highly recommend BTC for anyone wanting to try the "Segway".

  • Nancy Herzbrun (Tuesday, October 15 13 03:00 pm EDT)

    My husband surprised me with a Segway tour for my birthday, and I wasn't sure if I would be able to do it...coordination isn't my middle name. As soon as we pulled up to the training area, Norm and Brandon not only had a Happy Birthday sign waiting for me, but they were very reassuring that I would have no problem. They were right! Within a few minutes, I was in the swing of things and had the best time ever!! I can't thank my husband for one of the BEST gifts ever, and Norm and Brandon made my day complete. There aren't enought adjectives to describe what a wonderful, fun and interesting time we had. I can't wait to do it again.

  • Barb Fritz (Wednesday, October 09 13 09:26 am EDT)

    I bought my husband a gift certificate for this experience for his birthday and had to buy one for myself. I was a little apprehensive as I am a little accident prone. Absolutely no worries! Norm and his son, Brandon, give a thorough training experience. They are both patient and kind. Within minutes we felt like pros on the Segway. What a blast! Our tour was beyond what we expected. Not only was it a Segway tour,but a brief Buffalo tour of the area around the History Museum including Hoyt Lake, Delaware Park, and an outside look at the Darwin Martin House.They even take a picture of you on the Segway and email it to you! So cool! We loved every second of our tour. It is so worth the price. We look forward to doing it again. This Buffalo experience should not be missed!

  • Paula (Thursday, October 03 13 10:23 am EDT)

    I had a wonderful time. Learned some very interesting facts about Buffalo. Thought I would never be able to do this, but the training by Brandon and Norm was great and I got the hang of it in no time. I would do this again and again.

  • Lucas Lorentz (and Kristen "Lorentz") (Thursday, August 29 13 09:03 am EDT)

    I cannot say enough good things about this experience. I found out about this through a fellow co-worker and decided to give it a try for my (newly made) fiances birthday. I put together a little flyer and stuck it in her birthday card. When shesaw what we would be doing her first reaction was excitement and the second reaction was "how did you(I) find out about this?"

    This adventure is well worth it! Norm and Brandon could not be two better guides suited for this. They take the time to not only make you comfortable on the Segway but are also very Intuitive with how the route is designed to keep you moving and always looking aroud at the beautiful surroundings.

    Everyone that lives in the area or is visiting the area needs to take advantage of this and help spread the word. I took a STACK of cards and got rid of them in 1 day.

    We look forward to coming back again and again. Thanks Norm and Brandon!!! Lets not forget Mrs. Norm!!!!

  • Carol (Wednesday, August 28 13 02:33 pm EDT)

    Had a wonderful time. Learned some very interesting facts about Buffalo. Thought I would never be able to Segway, but the training was great and I got the hang of it in no time. Everyone should have this on their Bucket List.

  • Sherry Becker (Sunday, August 25 13 07:56 am EDT)

    Highly recommend this tour. Norm and Brandon do a fantastic job of giving Buffalo history while taking an amazing ride on a Segway. A Great Buffalo experience. Thanks Norm for bring this to Buffalo

  • Chris and Mike Leavitt (Monday, August 05 13 02:08 pm EDT)

    This was so much fun we did it twice. We highly recommend this experience as we found it to be fun, informative and extremely safe. Norm and Brandon are just swell and do a fine job of preparing and coaching us thru the whole trip.

  • Mike (Wednesday, July 31 13 10:21 am EDT)

    Great night. Lots of fun and Norman and Brandon were superb! Highly recommend this for a night of relaxing enjoyment and many laughs.

  • Dawn Barnas (Monday, July 29 13 09:51 am EDT)

    This is the best way to tour Buffalo. Norm and Brandon are excellent teachers and so knowledgeable about Buffalo history. It was a very enjoyable day. I would love to take another tour in the fall when the leaves are changing.

  • Nancy Shea (Monday, July 29 13 08:51 am EDT)

    Great time!! Very professional and entertaining. I would highly recommend this to anyone or any organization.

  • Denise Coho (Monday, July 22 13 08:47 am EDT)

    We had a terrific time. The Segways are a lot of fun.Norm and Brandon make you comfortable from the start. Great way to see some of the City. I would highly recommend this to anyone.

  • Mary (Sunday, July 21 13 03:42 pm EDT)

    Thank you Norm and Brandon for the adventure today with my family and friends. We all had a great time and couldn't ask for better trainers and tour guides.

  • Donna Dickman (Sunday, June 30 13 06:32 pm EDT)

    The best birthday present ever. I have wanted to try a segway since they first came out. My husband Dennis & I had so much fun. After a learning session we were off on an adventure. Brandon & Norm couldn't have made it any more fun & historically informative than they did. I would recommend this tour for everyone.

  • Peggy Buckel (Friday, June 28 13 11:00 pm EDT)

    I grew up in North Buffalo, but moved to Rochester 40 some years ago. Norm & Brandon did an excellent job showcasing the area as well as showing us some of the historic sites in Buffalo. The trip brought back many memories of my years growing up in Buffalo. Norm & Brandon are great tour directors, teachers and guides. Segways are easy to learn to ride which what makes it such an exciting and enjoyable experience. Thanks for a wonderful trip. It made a great birthday present for one of the members of our group.

  • Alice (Wednesday, June 26 13 09:30 pm EDT)

    Riding a segway is awesome in and of itself. Add to it the friendliness and knowledge of Norm & his son, Brandon, and it makes for a unique way to learn about the history of North Buffalo.

  • George Adams (Thursday, May 23 13 11:12 am EDT)

    Every phase of Buffalo Touring's Segway riding experience is fun! The location is geographically and historically perfect.
    In a matter of minutes you'll feel safe and comfortable on the scooter. This tour is so good, I'd recommend buying season tickets!

  • Dan, Shelley, Max and Emily (Wednesday, May 22 13 09:37 pm EDT)

    Great Fun for the whole family. Brandon and Norm were wonderful hosts and made for an exciting and informative afternoon! Thanks for the memorable experience!

  • Carolyn Spisiak (Tuesday, May 21 13 08:31 am EDT)

    Our friends surprised us with the Segway tour, and what a wonderful surprise it was. We had a fantastc time. Norm was so patient with us, his Instructions were very good, even for the faint of heart. Brandon's knowledge of Buffalo history was outstanding. Sheila was very helpful. All in all the Segway Touring Company is an awesome experience, we highly recommend it.

  • Sharon Landgraf (Thursday, May 02 13 10:25 am EDT)

    We had such a great time. The instruction was great and they were so patient.Their knowledge of our history outstanding.What a way to spend an afternoon. Highly recommend it.
    Sharon and Jack

  • Keith W (Monday, January 21 13 03:29 pm EST)

    An entertaining and educational experience. Norm and Brandon, your tour guides, are warm friendly and knowledgeable. They add to the fun time you will have. I recommend this tour to anyone interested in the history of our City

  • George and Sharon (Sunday, November 04 12 09:26 pm EST)

    My husband surprised me with the Segway tour for my birthday. What a riot! Norm and Brandon were very attentive teachers, making sure we were comfortable, and then off we went. We had so much fun, even though it was cold! I would recommend this to ANYONE. We wanted to just ride the Segways home! A great way to spend an afternoon, and also we got a great history lesson from Brandon about all the sights we visited. Highly recommended!!

  • Abby (Friday, October 12 12 04:01 pm EDT)

    Family took the very fun tour over a chilly Columbus Day weekend and the touring company had thought of everything, including gloves to lend us. I would definitely recommend it to a friend.

  • Jackie Ghosen (Wednesday, October 10 12 04:00 pm EDT)

    My sister was visiting from Cleveland, so I took her on a tour of Buffalo "Segway style." What a great time! Brandon and Norm were knowledgeable and fun, and the Segway's were a riot!

  • Paul Friedrich (Sunday, September 23 12 11:25 am EDT)

    It was super. I wish I could have broken away and taken the Segway home. It felt like a part of me and I hated to part with it.
    The tour was excellent and very interesting. I hope to do it again with more friends and see other parts of the city.
    Two thumbs up!

  • Richard & Terry (Saturday, September 08 12 07:38 pm EDT)

    What a great time we had on our tour. Training was thorough and complete. We had no concerns after working with Norm and Brandon. It was a wonderful way to experience the sites around Delaware Park. Brandon was a great guide and shared a lot of knowledge about the history of the area. We would recommend taking this Segway to all our friends.

  • KM (Saturday, September 08 12 02:59 pm EDT)

    Great and fun tour! We will definitely be back and are recommending your company to all of our friends.

  • Paul & Kathy (Saturday, September 08 12 10:53 am EDT)

    This was a surprise for my wife Kathy and she wasn't sure about the Segway.
    BUT we were both surprised at how easy they were to ride. Norm and Brandon did a GREAT job with getting us comfortable on the Segway.
    The tour was great and Brandon is very well informed with historical information on the tour.
    Thanks guys! ! !

  • Tim P. (Thursday, September 06 12 02:35 pm EDT)

    what a wonderful experience!.....great fun to ride a Segway, and a very informational tour of North Buffalo....well worth the price!....thanks!!!!!

  • Beth (Friday, August 31 12 08:56 pm EDT)

    Took my dad on the segway tour for Father's Day/Birthday gift. We had a fantastic time!! Brandon and Norm did a wonderful job training us, keeping us safe out there and are very knowledgeable about North Buffalo history. I highly recommend the segway tour and will tell my friends about it.

  • Ellen T. (Monday, August 27 12 06:55 am EDT)

    Thank you for a wonderful Sunday afternoon. I totally enjoyed the tour and using a Segway! What a great experience!

  • Tara Szafranski (Friday, August 10 12 07:56 am EDT)

    This tour was awesome! The Segway training was thorough and Brandan and Norm made us feel completely at ease on the machines. The tour took us through a beautiful, history filled part of Buffalo and Brandon was a wonderful guide. Thank you both so much, we had a blast and learned a lot too!

  • Joe H. (Monday, August 06 12 07:29 pm EDT)

    The Buffalo Touring Company has made it fun to see many Buffalo attractions on a Segway! Norm and Brandon took a great amount of time to make sure that you learned how to ride the Segway on your own. It was a long tour that took us around Delaware Park and many other great places. You also learn a lot of interesting facts as you go along the tour. I had a great time and highly recommend this tour!

  • Bonnie (Friday, August 03 12 01:41 pm EDT)

    What a blast! I highly recommend this tour to both Buffalo visitors and Buffalo residents.

    I took my sister on a Saturday tour and it was one of the best experiences. First, it is easy to schedule with three time options and quick response time from the coordinators. Second, the staff is more than just instructors and guides - they are entertainers who really care about your enjoyment. Third, I learned things about Buffalo I had never heard before. The tour was personal, intimate, enjoyable and educational. What more could you ask for

    Congrats Buffalo Touring Company for making the Seqway Tour a highlight of Buffalo's offerings! We will be back

  • Julie R. (Wednesday, August 01 12 02:44 pm EDT)

    SO MUCH FUN!! The Segway Tour was such an enjoyable experience, that I will definitely do it again! Norm began by thoroughly explaining the Segway, and how to ride it. Norm and Brandon took an extensive amount of time to ensure that you were able to comfortably and safely ride the Segway independently. They even made you go through and obstacle course – it was great! Before we began the tour, they made sure we were all hooked up to walkie-talkies, to make certain that we were able to hear the tour guide as he spoke along the tour. Then Brandon led our tour. He was a great tour guide who definitely did his research! We toured along great Buffalo attractions such as the Darwin D. Martin House, Albright- Knox Art Gallery, Delaware Park, and Hoyt Lake. We learned many interesting and unknown facts about these popular Buffalo landmarks! It was such a unique way to tour Buffalo on a Segway! I had a wonderful time and highly recommend this tour to Buffalo natives and tourists!

  • Johanna Ewing (Monday, July 30 12 11:50 am EDT)

    Hi Norm & Brandon,

    The tour on the 27th of July was educational and Informative. It was sooooo great to be able to ride the Segway and see the different places of Buffalo and you guys did a great job of guiding us. Five stars for you.

  • Dee H. (Friday, July 20 12 10:24 pm EDT)

    We had such a great time today on our tour. Thank you Norm and Brandon for braving the elements and giving us such a great tour. We will be recommending you guys to all of our friends and plan to return ourselves.